Mommin’ Ain’t Easy or For the Weak

Picture this, a mom – dressed in her finest, all her children are well-behaved and listening to her every command, leaving the house on time, and everyone is still clean.   Now, wake up because you are obviously DREAMING!  This has certainly been my dream for the past week, but all I have encountered is vomit, fever, endless germs, a sick and cranky toddler, a cranky teenager complaining about all the homework she has, and no one asking mom, are you ok?  I have slept an average of 3 hours a night this week, I may have combed my hair maybe 3 times this week, but I have brushed my teeth and showered daily.  This week has been one for the books – literally.  My next chapter may have already written itself.  For those of you who may not know, I am a SAHM with a 15-year-old and a 4-year-old.  They are both Geminis and if you hang around them long enough you would be able to guess their astrological sign because they are definitely SPLIT. 

Let’s back up maybe a week.  I am married 13 years in April to the love of my life.  We have been together since I was 17, so I have been with him for half of my life plus at this point.  He is a shift worker at an oil refinery and their union contract with the company was coming up.  This is always a stressful time for our family because it is a time of uncertainty.  We never know if the company is going to play hard ball or if they are going to agree to the wishes of the union and its members, etc.  I have been going through this with him the entire time he has had this job…every 3 years and he is in his 16th year on the job.  Well, it came down to the last second almost literally before an agreement was reached and that crisis was averted.  No cessation in a paycheck, insurance will continue to be active, and bills will continue to be paid without mom having to go back to work and leave her kids wondering how they will get back and forth to school and home.  That is why we choose for me to stay at home.  My husband works a crazy up and down schedule and beside him and myself, there is no one that we can actively depend on to make sure our children are cared for in our absence except for my mom, but she doesn’t drive.

Time jump back to last Saturday, February 2.  My son had a cough all week long, but I thought none too much of it.  They were playing outside everyday at school and I just felt he was running, playing, and taking in cool winter air that caused a little cough.  He has a habit when his dad works nights, he comes to sleep with me…like I need the company or something.  We slept real peacefully until the coughing began around 4am right before dad came home.  The coughing didn’t stop and then he began gagging. I knew what was next, I just took both of my hands and cupped them under his mouth.  Around that time my husband was walking into the bedroom and all I could say was get me a towel.  From that point on it was chaos on a full-scale emergency level. That was the point of his sickness beginning and not ending until around Thursday…when the caretaker(me) got the nastiness. 

Have you ever seen a child that doesn’t like taking medication? Well take that, and multiply by 100 and that would be my child.  When it takes 3 adults to hold down a 4-year-old to get medicine in him and you still only get maybe half of the dosage in…that is a serious problem.  I’m the mom that is totally freaking out at this point because I have a child that doesn’t want to take the medicine, he has another ear infection, he’s running fever, he’s vomiting, he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t drink juice because it tastes like medicine – his words, not mine. I’m pumping him with water, but that isn’t helping with the electrolytes he’s losing. Gatorade and Pedialyte or out of the question because again, it tastes like medicine.  By the grace of God and a praying mom, we made it through a very stressful week. Now, I am on day 3 of my illness with fever, chills, body aches, nausea…the whole kit and caboodle as they say.  Is it the flu? I’m not sure, but even though I feel like crap I am functional because I must be.  I have a home, children, and a husband to care for.  There is laundry to be done, food to be cooked, and a house to be cleaned.  While I may not be doing all these things effectively at the moment.  No one has died, everyone is fed (fish and dog) included, house is somewhat clean, there are enough clean clothes for everyone in the home, and everything else can wait.  In the meantime, I’m going to sit here and convalesce, drink plenty of fluids, stay warm and read and write.  One more thing, I said no one died, but while cleaning the fish tank last week it was damaged, and we had to put both the betas together temporarily. Well, temporarily was a little too long because Angel ate Killer.  This post is dedicated to memory of Killer.  Our rescue Beta from 18 months ago post Hurricane Harvey, it was left in our rental property and we took care of it until its dying day.  My daughter said it was Karma because when we rescued Killer it was in the same tank with another Beta that had one fin and we affectionately called it Nemo.  Killer killed Nemo – cue “Circle of Life.”

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