How To Keep Moving While Quarantined

For some of us it is week 2 or maybe 3 of quarantine …who knows at this point right?  What we do know is that we are all getting a little stir crazy and anxiety is setting in because infections are going up, deaths are going up and restrictions are becoming tighter.  If your child’sContinue reading “How To Keep Moving While Quarantined”

Don’t Stress The Situation

Another week, another round of closures, another round of quarantines.  In my lifetime, I never thought I would see the day that entire cities were coming to a complete shutdown because of a virus – it’s something out of a movie.  At this point, you can’t even see a movie unless you are watching fromContinue reading “Don’t Stress The Situation”

Things You Should Be Disinfecting Regularly

If you are anything like me, you spend most of your day busy and on the go, What you may not realize is that the things we touch the most and come in contact with the most contain more bacteria and germs you could ever imagine. The number one and number two things you haveContinue reading “Things You Should Be Disinfecting Regularly”

Self Care Sunday…It’s Okay To Cry!

Self care is a necessity after an entire week of life. It is the little things that you do for yourself that help you make it through the week with your sanity intact. Whether you took the time to listen to your favorite music while cooking, read a book, took a day trip or decidedContinue reading “Self Care Sunday…It’s Okay To Cry!”

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

I know when you go on vacation the last thing on your mind is taking extra precautions to not get sick or to not get some sort of “exotic” disease. Like now, everyone has a fear of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. Everyone is headed towards Spring Break and have plans and may be making plans toContinue reading “How To Stay Healthy While Traveling”

Women’s History Month Playlist Part 1

March is Women’s History Month and I had to take the time to make a playlist specifically for this month. Music is and has always been my sane place, my refuge, my place of solace. I can always find some genre to fit my mood…if I choose to wallow in it or if I wantContinue reading “Women’s History Month Playlist Part 1”