Coronavirus – COVID – 19

Let me begin by saying this…I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL! I am a mother who wants to do the best thing for her family and I also do not want to panic. While there are some out there “doomsday prepping,” I am simply doing what I normally do with my family and children, just on a slightly amplified level. We are washing our hands on a more frequent basis, handles and switches are being sanitized with Lysol more than normal and I am making sure that the little one is keeping his hands out of his face and mouth! I constantly sanitize frequently touched items and surfaces, i.e: remotes, refrigerator handles, drawer handles…things we don’t think about sanitizing. I would even suggest sanitizing your car surfaces as well because a lot of people don’t think about infrequent we do so. We allow mechanics and repair people into our automobiles with their dirty, grimy hands and honestly tell me, do you sanitize your car when you get it back? l’d simply say, use discretion, avoid big crowds if for some reason you are immunocompromised and if you are sick – stay home. The CDC released a leaflet that is filled with pertinent information about how to keep you and your family safe. Stay safe, keep your family healthy and don’t panic but be prepared.

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