Things You Should Be Disinfecting Regularly

If you are anything like me, you spend most of your day busy and on the go, What you may not realize is that the things we touch the most and come in contact with the most contain more bacteria and germs you could ever imagine. The number one and number two things you have in your hands most are your cell phone and keys. We take them into the bathroom, drop them on the floor, drop them on the ground, and set them on countertops in stores and random places. So I’ll ask, when was the last time you sanitized either of these items…honestly?? I can honestly say that I normally do not sanitize my phone unless I’ve been sick or if I drop it, so not on a regular basis. Guess what, your phone can be 10x dirtier than a toilet seat! E. Coli can live on your phone because of the heat it emits. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands and sanitize your phone.

Next up, the family remote. Everyone touches it – even the little people and who knows what they do with their hands when we aren’t looking. If the remote is not in germ infested hands, it can be on the floor or stuck between the sofa cushions where it is dark; breeding mold and bacteria. Don’t be afraid to take an antibacterial wipe and even some spray Lysol to it a couple of times a week. The same goes for the home computer keyboard. Canned air to clear out any debris and alcohol or antibacterial wipes to sanitize the surface.

Money – nasty, Nasty, NASTY! You don’t know where the money has been and what the money has been used for. Researchers have found that most bills are covered in upwards of 3000 types of bacteria! I worked in grocery store as my first job 20+ years ago and that is when I realized just how filthy and abhorrent money can be. I’ve seen people take money from places I don’t even want to mention. I started wearing gloves to work. I have an issue touching money to this very day unless it is new bills.

Dish sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. I use sponges in my kitchen, but I change it out every week and a half or so; depending on the usage. Once I’m done with the dishes, I spray it with a diluted concentrated germicidal bleach and hang it a basket within the sink to dry. Do not overuse a sponge, you can and may be putting your family at risk for preventable illnesses.

These are things that I disinfect on a regular basis because like the aforementioned items they are breeding grounds for germs.

– Toothbrush holder.

– Purse – Ladies, wipe your purses down regularly. Sitting your purses on counters and restaurant tables picks up countless amounts of germs that we bring into our homes.

– Door handles. (Home and Car)

– Office equipment. (Especially if you work in a multi-person office.)

– Sinks. I clean out my sinks daily with antibacterial cleaners, both kitchen and bath.

– Handles on microwave, stove and refrigerator.

Germs and bacteria do not discriminate. They will hitch a ride on any surface and invade your home. It is important to know what surfaces are more susceptible to bacteria and how to properly disinfect and how often to do so,

**Leave your feedback on how you disinfect your surfaces, how often and what products you may use to do so.**

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