Don’t Stress The Situation

Another week, another round of closures, another round of quarantines.  In my lifetime, I never thought I would see the day that entire cities were coming to a complete shutdown because of a virus – it’s something out of a movie.  At this point, you can’t even see a movie unless you are watching from home. In my city, all children under the age of 18 are under a 24 hour curfew unless they are with a parent to keep them from grouping with their friends and possibly contracting or spreading the novel COVID-19.

This is a stressful time.  People are either away from their jobs because their jobs are shut down and they don’t know how they are going to pay their bills.  They are working from home, with their children who are home from school and still may be responsible for a school schedule. So, both parents and kids are working remotely which can create friction because the workload is that much heavier.  So what do we do in these unprecedented times and how do we stay the course?

First of all, none of this is your fault.  It is not your child’s fault, the school district’s fault or your job’s fault.  They are only doing what is best for you – their employee and your child – the student.  All this is being done in an effort to keep everyone safe, healthy, alive and to keep the virus from going further than it needs to go.  While it may be a slight upper respiratory infection or feel like an extreme case of the flu to some, to others it could mean life or death.

The important thing to remember during this time is to keep your stress and anxiety in check.  Stress can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to viruses and other illnesses.  Stress hormones affect your respiratory and cardiovascular system, which are both taxed if you contract COVID-19 or the Coronavirus.  During a stressful response, you will begin to breathe faster in an attempt to distribute more oxygen rich blood to your body. Doing this will raise your blood pressure and if you are under stress for too long, your heart is working harder than it should be as well.  There are also the mental components of stress: depression, anxiety, intermittent explosive disorders and the inability to deal with people socially. I’m here to tell you, you can get through this without alienating your family, friends, and others during this difficult time.  

I know that some of us can’t leave our homes, but if you have to take a trip to your garage or your backyard to get some peace – do it.  We’re shut up with our thoughts and families and maybe the kids have had enough and they are fighting endlessly. Put in your earbuds and block it all out.  Make you a playlist of some of your favorite tunes that inspire, encourage or just make you feel good and tune out. Pick up a good book and allow the words to transport you to a different world.  When do you have time to read? When do you have time for much of anything? The world is on pause at the moment, so now is the time for you to take advantage and do some things you may have wanted to do.

  • Write that book you’ve been wanting to write.
  • Find workouts on YouTube…you don’t need a gym.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Clean out that closet.
  • Try that new recipe. (I’m baking bread for the first time).
  • Declutter all the unnecessary things in your home.
  • Read that stack of books that has been collecting dust.
  • Start that business plan so when the world comes off pause, you can start your business.
  • Start a podcast, people need to be entertained during these times.
  • Listen to the rain on a rainy day.
  • Do something that makes you happy!

You can make it through this quarantine with minimal stress and even doing things you like if you just try to avoid the negatives in the situation. Do your part, stay away from crowds, if you’re sick stay home, be patient with your children and spouses and take the time to meditate and/or pray. We all need a reset, this is our reset and I am confident we will be better for it. NO STRESS!💋💋

How do you plan to stay stress free during this time? Please share.

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Wonderfully created wife, woman and mother of two who can never find an extra 4 hours in a day to get those things accomplished that I didn't get done throughout the day. I am working on making the most of the 24 hours I do get every day and sipping as much coffee as I can while doing it

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