Regrets or Missed Opportunities: You Decide

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Regret: (v) feeling sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

(N): a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

Regret is one of those words that sticks around and hangs over you like a storm cloud that could burst at any moment.  Have you ever heard the words, “we regret to inform you…?”  Have you ever felt regret or regretted doing something or not doing something in your life?  Regret is such a word that when you hear it, you begin to cringe.  There aren’t any synonyms to the word that I can find to make me feel different about the word: sadness, sorrow, disappointment, to feel contrite…none of those words exude any type of confidence.  My last post was about living your life, but now I want you to go through life with no regrets from this point forward.  If you have an opportunity, take it!  If you find yourself not benefiting from the opportunity but you tried, know that you leapt and that you have no regrets.

Are you doing something that you don’t love, just for the sake of a paycheck?  I’m not recommending that you quit your job, but reevaluate some things in life.  There is so much more out there and I guarantee if you are in a position where you are overworked and underappreciated, there is something inside of you wanting to break free and show you your real worth.  What are your marketable skills?  How can you take those skills and make them make money for you?  Is what makes you marketable in a field that is in demand?  Can you thrive in this particular niche?  Is it over saturated, or is there room for more.  Believe me when I say there is always room for more because no one is going to do the job like you will.  STEP OUT ON FAITH.

Think about all of the small businesses that are now thriving, even in a pandemic because they have something everyone wants, and they can work from the comfort of their homes.  Imagine if you were the woman or man who decided to make the face mask, or made a homemade disinfectant product strong enough to kill viruses, or you created a hand sanitizer that was marketable…do you think any of those individuals would feel sorrow, sadness, or contrite at this moment?  Will we have regrets in life?  Absolutely.  I’m asking you that from the time you read this until the time you take your last breath, you live life with as few regrets as possible.  Don’t even think of them as regrets, think of them as missed opportunities.  You got that, regrets have now been changed to missed opportunities.

Aside from taking your marketable skill and using it to benefit you and not some company, you can also continue learning. Learning doesn’t necessarily mean paying for college and courses, but read. Take the time to read as much as you possibly can. You would be amazed how much you can learn from simply reading. I read everything from the daily news, to trashy romance novels, science fiction, self help, and I even read medical journals online. Information is POWERFUL, and you never know when that power is going to be needed. My motto is, “learn as much as you can about everything you can.” When my dad was in the hospital before he passed. The doctors were overwhelming us with different scenarios and diagnoses, not really going in-depth about a lot. I had one doctor tell me to just prepare myself, as if my dad was actually going to die. I went home and looked into medical journals and trusted sources…not Dr. Google and researched everything. The next day, I waited for all the doctors with the knowledge I obtained from “doing my due diligence” and their mouths hit the floor. I have met some great doctors and some doctors who are just “passing through” and when I tell you the doctor I saw the next day switched up my dad’s care completely; I was shocked, but I was glad I decided to READ. My dad improved because of my desire to learn more and lived another 5 years. No regrets.

If you are too afraid to leap, baby step your way to a life with less missed opportunities.  What’s the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Your life isn’t going to change over night, but you have to want to change, put in the work, show up, exercise the discipline, and keep moving forward.  Those baby steps will add up and before you know it, you have made major changes that you were not even prepared for.  Stop placing limitations on your life.  Your possibilities are endless and there are no limits to the things you can accomplish once you put your mind and heart into it.  

In the end, life will throw you curveballs, and the path that you thought was straight can end up being a very winding road. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is: don’t play victim, crying and screaming woe is me, make no excuses, and most importantly – don’t waste a minute. There is no time to spare in the 24 hours we get each day, so make them count and live life with less missed opportunities and REGRETLESS!!!

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