Positivity In A Pandemic

Are you trying to navigate this pandemic with grace and positivity or are you just trudging through at this point?  When are we going to return to some sort of normalcy? Ha, maybe not for a while.  The situation has spiraled completely out of control, and at this point we are waiting for the next shoe to drop; i.e, the second wave.  So much in the world is madness right now.  Fires are raging in California, the Joshua trees have been almost completely decimated.  Protests are still going on and police are still shooting and exerting excessive force on people of color.  “All Lives Matter” is clashing with “Black Lives Matter” creating perfect storms.  I’m thinking that I should save a little lamb’s blood when I buy my next pack of lamb chops…just in case.  Things are completely insane right now and the news basically requires a trip to your therapist after watching it.  So I ask, how can you find positivity in the midst of a pandemic?

First of all, you get up and be thankful.  Thankful that you are not counted in the 190,000+ casualties of the pandemic.  If you have been lucky enough to have not contracted the virus, be thankful that you are not amongst the recovered individuals still suffering from the lingering effects of the disease.  You don’t have the difficulty breathing, you are not losing your hair, you are not having the anxiety attacks that many say they are experiencing post-Covid-19.  Be thankful, if the virus has not touched your family in any way because there are almost 200,000 other families in our country that it has affected; not to mention the doctors, nurses, aides, and other front line workers.

The next way you find positivity in a pandemic is to appreciate what you have.  If you are still employed and have remained employed throughout this entire crisis, you can mark one off in the win column.  If you have a roof over your head and haven’t had to worry about food insecurity like so many have, mark off another win.  Though you may complain about the enormous amount of time you have spent with your family, think of the memories you have made that you don’t even realize you did.  Down the road, when your children are older, and you say, “You remember back in 2020 when we couldn’t go anywhere?”  You’ll think about something really cool you did.  A fantastic meal you shared.  An impromptu dance off you had.  A hard puzzle that took you forever to put together.  The fact that you couldn’t find toilet paper, Lysol, or Clorox wipes for months and when they did return it cost a lot.  So through the sadness, the wanting time to yourself, and wishing they would just go back to school; appreciate the time you did get with your children because you may never get time like that again.  Allow those happy moments to flood in.  Those happy moments get our happy hormones flowing and keep us calm and zen for the next round of not so good news.

This all may sound cliche, but in a hard time such as we are experiencing now, wallowing is not a good thing.  Wallowing leads to depression and feelings that take you to a lonely dark place.  Not one of us can afford to be in that place right now because the world itself is dark enough.  We have to be the light!  If you can’t be the light, go into the light – no, not that light, but the sunlight.  Sunlight is nature’s cure all in the right doses.  Sunlight increases vitamin D, which promotes reduced inflammation and modulates cell growth and stronger bones.  Sunlight, like holding on to those happy moments, also promotes the secretion of serotonin – the happy hormone.  That is why people get, “the winter blues” during winter months because there is less sunlight at that time.  An increase in sunlight during the day can also lead to a better night of sleep,  which leads to a better version of you.  Sun —> Serotonin —> Sleep —->Better Mood —->Better You.  

Our entire nation is In crisis, how we handle things ultimately is up to us. Are we going to go through it in a positive manner, leaving a positive mark, positive change – not only for yourself, but for your children and those you hold dear. I’m not telling you to be a constant ray of sunshine because we are going to have our moments of despair, simply because of everything that is going on around us. Find the good in this situation. Find your joy. Find your happy place. Find someone to lean on. Give someone, someone to lean on. Be thankful and appreciative because things could be so much worse than they are. Most of all, find your positivity, hold on to it, don’t let it go, and by all means, don’t let anyone allow you to feel bad about finding positivity in this pandemic.

“Be grateful for every second of every day you get to spend with the people you love. Our time together is short and so very precious.” -Brad Turnbull

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