How is Your Character?

“Who are you, when heavy weather is blowing? Where is your character, the one who keeps your going?” -Van Hunt

I walked into the week with the confidence of LeBron James as he steps onto the basketball court, but it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling a little deflated.  I say deflated because I have lost a little air, but I am by no means DEFEATED.  Our intentions can be pure and our plans well laid out, but boy do those speed bumps come out of nowhere!  I just wanted to say that if you started your week as I started mine, confident and ready to take on the world…don’t lose hope.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day and we have to make the best of that time no matter how challenging it may be.  I encouraged my followers on Instagram yesterday that we do not have bad days, but days where we experience character building exercises.  I say that because how we handle situations when we are stressed and in challenging situations is a direct reflection of our character.  The definition of character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.  What does your mental and moral qualities say about you when you face a challenging day?  Do you rise above the situation and show the best part of yourself, or do you become a complete ass?

Are you aware that your character is formed or most revealed during the difficult times. The difficult times are the best test of character. I learned that over the years. I could be an ass when faced with a difficult situation when I was younger, and I can be an ass now, but I know the importance of my character and how my response reflects on me. Thus, I go for the best version of me 97% of the time now. There are people that will test you, sometimes I think just to see how far they can push you. Aiming to see how you will react. If you have children, they are the agents of pushing your character to the limit, but these are the most important people with whom you want to show the best aspect of your character to. Don’t give in to their ‘little dictatorship,’ but let them know that their behavior or whatever they are doing wrong is unacceptable in the most “Mary Poppins” voice possible. Remember, you imprint on them at every age, and they feel your pain and displeasure which results in their further acting out. I can personally attest to it. One day I was upset with my son for something he’d done, but I didn’t say anything; I just furrowed my brow. He asked me, “Mommy are you mad?” I told him that I was displeased. He replied, “Well you don’t have to attack me!” I assure you, there was no attacking taking place, only a furrowed brow and the makings of some premature wrinkles. However, to hear him say that made me sad that he felt attacked because I showed displeasure with his actions. Children can really pile it on right?

How can we keep our character intact and not have our children accusing us of attacking them. Release those toxic emotions; don’t let them build up to begin with. We are prone to easily give into negative emotions like anger, frustration, and anxiety. These emotions become a part of our bodies, manifesting in pain, tension, and the inability to concentrate. They also manifest through us lashing out at our co-workers, our friends, our families, and anyone who dares to come within close proximity. Discover an outlet to rid your body of these toxins to be a better you and to keep from putting your character at risk.

Your character is a part of you always and forever. It will follow you wherever you go, it is a part of your reputation, a part of who you are. How you handle difficult days and difficult situations can define your character. Don’t let a difficult day be the determining factor of your character. We are better than that, and in this year – 2020, we MUST be better than that.

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