New Week, New Start…

Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” -Brené Brown

Sunday, the first day of the new week. The day I like to rest and reset. While I do get some things done on Sunday, it is mostly things that I can do from my bed or my sofa, on my computer or iPad. We all need a day to reset, and here lately I’ve found myself needing at least 2. The last few months have been a never-ending barrage of mishaps and misfortunes, but I will not complain. I’m going to do what I have always done, put on my “big girl panties” and handle it. Life throws you curve balls and you have to be prepared with your head on a swivel. 2020 has been one curve ball after the next, but if you’ve made it this far, in one piece, still getting it done, your family is intact, and you are doing what you need to do for your mental health…you are getting it done.

Sunday Reset is a part of my self care routine. I’ll read, watch a little football, and if football becomes too stressful…bye football. I’ll do some meal planning, set up a grocery order, and for the most part, stay in my pajamas all day. I may wash and deep condition my hair and give myself a facial, but it’s mostly about decompressing before the hustle and bustle of the next week begins again. This year has taught me that I have to be more aware of what I need and what my body needs. Last year was very demanding, and by the end of the year I’d basically worn myself out. I was sick for almost an entire two months because I would not rest, I refused the advice of my doctor, and by the time January rolled around, I was full of steroids, antibiotics, and still running a fever and living off coffee and energy drinks. That’s no way to live. Guess what? I ended up slicing my hand open, which slowed me down, catching the flu along with my husband and son, and had no choice but to stop.

I’m saying this to you because now more than ever it is important to take care of yourself. I’m a wife and a mother, but I’m not invincible! If I decide to not take these days to reset, I become worthless and very moody towards my family which doesn’t do any of us any good, especially when we’re spending so much time together. Taking care of your physical and mental health is important and vital to being 100% for your family and those around you. It is impossible to pour into someone or something else if your cup is empty.

Here are some ways to be a better version of you by practicing self care: – Take care of your body. Eat healthy, rest, exercise @ least 30 minutes. Don’t skip your medical checks and limit alcohol.

– Be social. Check in with friends, schedule meet ups – you need to be around other like-minded people.

– Do something for you daily. Whatever you like: reading, trashy tv, journaling, writing, sitting outside. Make time for you daily.

– Relax. Stress kills. We’ve all experienced our fair amount of stress this year, so whatever you can find to relax you, by all means do it. As long as it is safe and healthy.

Taking time to reset, take care of you, and preparing your mind for the week to come is as important as whatever else you have going on. Not doing so leads to burnout, anxiety, depression, and undue stress. Make time for you, I promise it isn’t selfish.💋💋

Just Relax

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