Financial Fast – Week 2 Wrap-Up

Week 2 of the Financial Fast has come to an end. We have hopefully successfully completed the week without blowing any unnecessary funds and saving a few dollars to boot. The husband actually had an entire week off this month without having to work any overtime so we anticipated getting some things done around the house…that did not require us spending any money. I am happy to report we only purchased a $5 pizza on Thursday night because I began to get sick. Let me rewind just a bit, my husband came down with a cold and sinus issues around Tuesday – so we began medicating him. It progressively got worse, but there was no fever involved so no need to see a doctor. I’m a mom – I’m basically a doctor right? We played trial and error with what was in the medicine cabinet until we found the best thing for his symptoms. By Thursday it was time to take our son for his annual doctor’s appointment. We had people working at our home all day cleaning the brick, patio and roof using a solution that included bleach. I felt icky and deemed it as a result of inhaling too much of the bleach solution because I felt like I’d been in a highly chlorinated pool a little too long. An hour in the doctors office around little people and their germs I felt even worse. I imagine whatever my husband had, the bleach solution and the germ infested halls of the pediatricians office had overcome me. No shade to my pediatrician’s office, but regardless of having a well side and a sick side – when you meet in the middle and go into some of the same exam rooms; you are bound to get a germ or two or twenty! Today is Monday and I am just getting my wits about me.

Back to financial matters. The work I mentioned earlier being done at the house had already been previously budgeted and did not come from the currents month budget, we were just finally able to have it done. Trees are beautiful and they are necessary for clean air, but they weep and leave sap and residue on your home when the branches cover. Months ago we had our trees cut back and needed to have our roof and house cleaned…it looks AMAZING! It rained today and reactivated the solution so it started cleaning again. While the financial fast has been kind of hard, it becomes easier as the weeks go by – I know it’s just week 2, but I hope it continues to get easier. I actually went to Starbucks this morning for a coffee…I needed a double shot of espresso, but as luck would have it both espresso machines went down. So, I left without a coffee, not a penny spent and a $5 gift card for my inconvenience. I CALL THAT A WIN! My hope is that if you are following the financial fast you are taking in the money saving tips I provide daily and have considered applying them. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram the tips for this week were as follows, starting with day 8:

8. Utilize your library. If you are a big reader like myself, you may find that you spend a lot of money on books. Get a library card if you do not have one and check out books. If you are really trying to streamline you can use their internet services as well.

9. Have a friends night in. Invite friends over instead of going out. Have a theme night – game night – potluck. Pick your theme, break out the games and everyone brings a dish based on the theme or some sort of contribution. You’re saving money, having a good time and more than likely it ends up being a more enjoyable night.

10. DeClutter! Do a deep clean of your home. You’ll find you may have multiple items that are the same. I have done this myself and become so frustrated that I purchased something I already had. Knowing what’s in your home and having an organized system can prevent this and save money. What you find you don’t use or have multiples of, sell it and make back some of your money.

11. DIY. Stop spending money on small jobs you can do yourself. There are several DIY sites and YouTube that can help you do just about anything, believe me – I’ve done it.

12. Buy in Bulk. Buying in bulk when possible and worth it is advised. Things like non-perishables, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, soap and toothpaste are things you know will be used on a daily basis. Bulk buys of these items is worth it because it removes it from your monthly and sometimes bi-monthly lists.

13. Buy a deep freezer. A deep freezer will allow you to stock on meats and freezable foods. It will also allow you to prepare meals ahead of time, freeze them and take them out to defrost and warm for a quick and delicious meal. Google best easy and delicious freezer meals. This method got me through the first couple of weeks post c-section with my second child.

14. Buy a crockpot! Just about anything can be cooked in a crockpot. There were many days when I worked outside of the home I would put all my ingredients in the crockpot and go to work. We would come home to a fully cooked meal that maybe required vegetables or a salad. Again, Google crockpot meals and thank me later.

All of these tips provided can and will save you money. Some require an initial investment, but if you use the tools correctly your money will be made back in spades. They can eliminate unnecessary spending, eating out frequently and saving on your grocery bill. Here’s to another successful week of smart spending and even smarting saving. My objective is to show my children that there is more to life than spending money, but being a good steward of what you have, spending wisely and leaving a legacy. If you don’t teach them now how to spend money wisely and not fail into debt, how can you trust them with an inheritance?

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