This week will be Amazing!

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they have come along with patience and equanimity.” -Carl Jung

This week, I’m looking for the happiness in all things. Is that a bit much? At this point, I don’t believe that it is. This year, we have gone through hell and back, and we are still witnessing nationwide suffering with wildfires all up and down the west coast, whether you believe in it or not, Covid is still very real, and it seems like everyone is at odds with their neighbors about their views of what is happening in the world. I thought I’d had a tough week last week because homeschool and life didn’t go as planned everyday, but I realized I’ve had a tough year. We’ve all had a tough year.

Guess what? Adults are not the only ones having a tough time, but our children are navigating uncharted waters, unsure of what to feel. So, if they lash out, refuse to do work, and are not themselves – think about the times you as an adult have felt the very same way! To accommodate the high anxiety, I’ve started changing the way we start our mornings. I mean it’s homeschool right so we can do what we want. We turn on a little smooth jazz, spray some calming essential oils, and discuss things before we get to work. This is an attempt to make our days better, and I cross my fingers, say a prayer and hope for the best. Some days we fly through work like an old school Concorde, but other days, it’s pulling teeth; good days and bad days.

I had a discussion with my daughter and one of her friends this weekend, and they were saying how things have changed dramatically at their school amongst the students, and who they feel best represents them as their President. I don’t tell people who they should or shouldn’t vote for, but when the rhetoric follows, the sublimed racial messages, that is when I see the problem. I was told about some uncomfortable messages these small group of young adults were putting out into the atmosphere. I sat them down and explained racism is not an inherited trait. You are not born with a racist gene. That is something taught, indoctrinated, drilled into you by individuals closest to you: friends and family. I also explained to them, (my two) they have always been taught right from wrong and to not stoop to the level of someone who spews vileness. It is their job to rise above. They are to respect and care about others, but walk away when ignorance rears it’s ugly head

So I ask…What are you looking to accomplish this week? What kind of meaning do you want for your life this week? Are you willing to take the bad and make it good should it come? Can you say, I won’t complain in the midst of your storm. This week, we are going to go forth and be amazing, rising above all that is: 1- Not good for our mental health. 2- Does not serve the greater good. 3- Does not improve our overall well-being. 4- Does not make us happy and puts a smile on our face. 5- Is negative in ANY way. My motto this week is “inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit!” I have given you a very simple blueprint to make this week amazing. GO FORTH AND MAKE IT GREAT!

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